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Reader Reviews: Chasing the Tiger



I just finished reading Chasing the Tiger and enjoyed it a lot. The ending was especially fun.


Good action scenes that are well paced. Good twist at the end.


Exciting! May be GaltÕs best! Great reading with a clever ending.












Reader Reviews: The Canton Connection




I canÕt resist reading the book.


Marvelous. I really like Jake Maguire. Great mystery and surprise ending.


Compelling. I want to keep reading.


A very timely theme.


This is an enjoyable mystery with an international flavor. It does have a computer hacking and programing theme running through it but you don't have to be computer literate to enjoy it. Everything flows quickly with fairly clear plot line. A nice mystery and a nice read.


Very unique and different. I would give it a big hand full of stars.


I canÕt set it down.


Hollywood is waiting for this one.


The Canton Connection is very good reading.  The plot keeps the pages turning from beginning to end.


He just keeps getting better. Fritz makes you feel as if you are along side of him and you know he's been there and experienced the locale.















Reader Reviews: The Maltese Cross



Such a clever story, so fascinating. I couldnÕt stop turning the pages. This is my kind of story. This is it!


A feel-good story.


GaltÕs books have this strange way of attracting a reader. The writing tugs at the reader and pulls him along. Perhaps it is the unusually rich passages or the occasional sentence which is loaded with sensory imagery or the unseen guiding hand of the writer that comforts the reader. It's like watching a 2D movie and suddenly it turns into 3D for a few minutes. You're left in wonder and hoping for (and getting) more. 


A pulse-racing and high-stakes thriller. With the attention to evocative detail that characterizes all GaltÕs novels, The Maltese Cross is an authentic and timely thriller woven together from the fabric of current events. (The Brussels Weekly)


Five stars! Another winner! Fritz does it again with a new sure to be best seller. I have read all of his works and find them progressively more interesting and complex, yet very readable. You know he has been on the ground where the novels are set and allows you to see the world through his observations and time in country. This type of writer epitomizes my choice in style.


Quite well written. Bravo!




For some reason there are no reviews of any of Fritz GaltÕs books on Goodreads, so this could be the first.


I really liked this book. GaltÕs books fit into the old tradition of 99-cents spy thrillers, a tradition that gave us heroes like Philip Marlowe in the past. Expect no complicated plot twists and turns, no switching of perspective, no deep character studies. What you get instead is straightforward story telling, well written, at high speed, with lots of moving from place to place.

Galt has been around and intends to show it. This book is set in Europe, and as a European I must admit that the portrayal of The Hague, Brussels, Luxembourg, Salzburg and Malta is accurate and truly evocative.


All in all, I think this one stands out between other books in its category. No need to compare a pop song to a Mozart symphony, but this is a good pop song.

I will definitely take up another Fritz Galt book.
(Good Reads Review)




In the pursuit of high fortune, one finds anything and everything in their way. The Maltese Cross follows Johnny Blade, American banker, as he travels to Europe to find the lost fortune of an African dictator. With a tinge of romance, Johnny finds heÕs not the only one out to find the lost riches, and the world may collapse around them before they can make their claim at wealth. The Maltese Cross is a strong pick for community library general fiction and thriller collections.

(Small Press Bookwatch (May 2012)

Midwest Book Review)

















Reader Reviews: The Accidental Assassin



Readers are treated to a CIA mystery that grows into an international crisis. With vividly portrayed locations across the Middle East, Galt draws on his extensive knowledge of life abroad and world affairs to spin a pulse-racing thriller. The Accidental Assassin helps readers understand the context behind the current uprisings in the Middle East. It is a contemporary look at Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Israel, including their history, cultures and religions all within an entertaining spy story. (Brussels Weekly)



Fritz Galt has done an admirable job at researching the accoutrements essential to the plot and at keeping the reader in suspense. And the subtext about misguided American foreign policy and the Palestinian side of events serves a greater purpose. To paraphrase Joseph Conrad, "Fiction is the big lie that reveals an even greater truth."


Fritz Galt's most solid writing yet.


A great mystery, well told.


Fritz Galt's knowledge of government and diplomacy convey an authentic experience.


A real page-turner.


Quality research, like a documentary in a work of fiction.


Realistic yet clever dialogue. Powerful characters step right off the page.


If you have any association with Israel, you can get something out of this book. You'll see many points of view about the Middle East crisis.


Interplay between the characters is playful and intriguing.


Throws the reader into the setting. I am there!


Intelligent, realistic, engrossing.











Reader Reviews: Destiny of the Dragon



Steve Donaldson manages to take us into an intriguing world with very accessible (guy and gal next door) kind of characters.  Destiny of the Dragon is fast paced, suspenseful with a twist of good old fashioned funny stuff.  Good read.


Nancy Stapp, KTAO Radio, Taos, NM



I enjoyed the book and thought it quite the page turner.  Great character development and colorful backdrops, a fun plot, and an altogether entertaining pace and tone.



Five Stars! Highly recommended for both personal reading lists and community library fiction collections. A unique, iconoclastic, funny, deftly crafted and compelling read from first page to last.


Midwest Book Review

November, 2007


Link to complete MBR review




Sex, Science & Politics


From Tucson to Beijing to the fabled Yangtze River and the Three Gorges Dam, we are exposed to the exotic culture of the graduate student and the transformation of China into a modern economic juggernaut. . . The characters are lovable, the plot episodic, and the set-up satirically correct. Given the Star Wars troupe and inevitable pop culture Freudian influence, Horse Fly predicts a date with Hollywood dealmakers for these two authors. . . I couldn't put the page-turner down during deadline.  B.W


The Taos Horse Fly

October 20, 2007


Link to complete Horse Fly review



I enjoyed the humor, bold plotting and rapid-fire action!



I like it! Nice mix of intrigue, romance, and ambition. The rock climbers' run-in with the helicopters, the question of Richter's ethics, the relationship of the two Chinese pilots -- it all keeps me intrigued. I am able to connect easily with the characters. (Author, Reviewer)



I find the writing quite good.  You're great with description and really do a great job making me feel like I'm there. (Author, Reviewer)



I liked the whole archeological  / political / cultural / environmental premise. I kept thinking of Charlie's Angels movie with Lucy Lu as May. Even though the sophomoric sex theme was not my cup of tea, I was compelled to keep reading. The whole drug element is very inventive. I loved the little facts at the beginning of each chapter, with the facts given straight (to learn about the book's primary subject), then twisted with the humor. This would make a good movie, because of all the action. (Book Reviewer)



Fast-paced, racy, and fun.



I asked for and received Destiny of the Dragon for my recent birthday and loved it! Can definitely sense Steve's wit in it! Your best book yet!














Reader Reviews: Mind Control



Talk about action packed! Every atomospheric and geographical detail is authentic.



I am enjoying this story. Your writing is superb. Keeps my interest and flows. I really enjoy the characters and felt I got to know them. (Author review)



Five Stars! Breaking up is never something that is too easily done - and for Brad West it means being left for dead with a murderous psychopath. Mind Control: A Brad West Thriller is the second novel in the series of thrillers about Psychic Brad West. This time his ex-girlfriend's father, an expert on mind control is meddling with the latest Presidential race in the United States - and he must overcome countless obstacles to get back to America to stop him before it's all too late. Mind Control: A Brad West Thriller is highly recommended for community library collections with an interest in thrillers. (Midwest Book Review)











Reader Reviews: The Shangri-la Code



I loved it.






5.0 out of 5 stars

A fun-filled thriller

The things people do for love. "The Shangri-La Code" is another of Fritz Galt's 'Brad West' novels, following Brad's tumultuous romance with the Chinese woman of his dreams, May. When May performs at an air show in Paris, the Eiffel Tower is defaced and she is to blame. Brad must travel across Europe and Asia to clear her name before he can hope for a happy life with her. A fun-filled thriller, "The Shangri-La Code" is of particular interest to fans of the previous volumes in the series. (Midwest Book Review)











Reader Reviews: Treasure at Tanat Mansion



Everyone loves a good treasure hunt. This story has all the features of a great treasure hunt, and more. Throw murder, diplomats and a rugged mountainous setting into the mix, and Henry D. Smith has delivered you the results, on a silver platter.


An atmospheric mystery a la Agatha Christie. NobodyÕs going to leave that old West Virginia mansion until Josh Draper fingers the murderer.


A gross murder, but you can count on Draper to clean up the case.


I loved to spend more time with Josh and Annie. Their interaction is so touching.


IÕve read them all, and Treasure at Tanat Mansion is an exciting new setting and cast of characters, with plenty of interaction between Josh Draper and Annie McBride.











Reader Reviews: Mystery on Puckachee Mountain



The perfect Halloween story.


Put on your raincoat and hiking boots for this one!


This is Smith at his very best.


Great surprises.


Josh and Annie, as always, are a delight.


Henry Smith masterfully uses a mountain forest to magnify doom, gloom, and mystery.


Quirky characters, good suspects of mayhem!


A great read where death leads Josh and Annie on their journey of discovery.


An unexpected climax that causes one to feel the terror of death.










Reader Reviews: Murder at Eagle Mine




After reading Mr. Smith's novel Murder at Eagle Mine, I can say this book now is at the top of my list of all time favorites. From the opening page to the closing words, it captivated and kept me reading. I read this book in two sittings. It would not let me walk away, because it had me become part of all that was happening, and did so without me knowing what would happen next. It is the type of novel that makes you feel you are there in person watching all that takes place! My rating scale is 0 to 10 stars. I gave this book 9+ stars!!! (MCCOA Book Review)


This is a good mystery, with plot twists and surprises. The author apparently has experience with mining and with West Virginia; you get a real sense of being in those places. It's a nice opportunity to enjoy a mystery while meeting some interesting, generally believable, characters and learning something about coal mining. (Amazon.com Reader Review)


It blew me away!


As avid mystery readers, my wife and I both found Murder at Eagle Mine by Henry D. Smith quite enjoyable. The author's character development is excellent and his knowledge of the history of the coal mining industry in West Virginia proved very interesting. He involves his readers in the twists and turns of the story while adding information about coal mining in the past and present.


A great suspense drama in an unusual locale. Full of surprises! 


Smith's book is authentic, fast-paced, and absolutely absorbing! (Fritz Galt, author of The Trap and China Gate)


A page-turner. Well-drawn characters. A well-plotted murder mystery with as many twists and turns as a coal mine. (David M. Kinchen, Huntington News Network Book Critic)


The write stuff! Murder at Eagle Mine combines Smith's knowledge of the mining industry and its history with a good murder mystery. The book reveals a talent for writing! (Bluefield Daily Telegraph)











Reader Reviews: Tangle at Briar Fork




I stayed up all night reading Tangle at Briar Fork. I couldn't put it down.



If you write another Josh Draper Mystery, you should give Annie McBride a promotion and a raise.









Reader Reviews: Summerville



I could hardly put the book down. It is a coming of age novel, as the title reads. It's about life, leaving behind and a new beginning and that is written very well. It's also a love story, because love is woven into it. When the book ends, one still wants to know what will happen to the two. He leaves for college, she has his hat. . . . . 10 years later, does she still have his hat somewhere?. . . . . If you want only love, you go to Nora Roberts or Danielle Steel. Those are fluff, yours is meat. Keep on writing.

Fritz Galt's evocative and engaging prose hits home on many levels. Summerville is a tour-de-force!


Galt is a rising star in the new generation of writers. (University of Illinois Honors Committee)










Reader Reviews: China Gate



Many thanks for providing us with some gripping reading material for our trip.  China Gate -- perfect, combines China and our new home in Washington.


I enjoyed China Gate so much.


An engaging political and espionage thriller.


Fritz Galt keeps on thrilling. A fast-moving plot. (Westfield Leader)










Reader Reviews: Comoros Moon



Very enjoyable.


Takes me to the farthest corners of the globe.


I enjoy Alec, who is a little out of control.


Some of Fritz's best writing.


Alec is really sexy.










Reader Reviews: The Lost Cutlass



Great story, adventure, hope, close calls, dismay, and triumph! Loved it!


I finished reading The Lost Cutlass and it was just delightful. I totally enjoyed it. It was one of those books that I was sorry to finish as soon as I did.


Interesting and original. Enjoyable!


I just enjoyed The book so much.  This book is really amazing.  To think that you had so much knowledge of history, sailing, geography, use of language and most importantly an understanding of people and behavior way beyond your years at 15 is truly incredible.  I just marvel at your ability.


There were some scenes I just didn't want to end.


From the high seas of the Atlantic Ocean, to England to Africa and beyond the book is packed with mystery, discovery, war, and yes, even a little romance. As they chase him around the globe, Rab's journey comes to be more than just a high-spirited adventure; it is a journey of self-discovery as well. (Westfield Leader)


A classic. It tells you just about everything you need to know about life. It's like meat. It's tough and harder to swallow. It's a very deep book. (Young reader review)













Reader Reviews: The Trap



Five Stars! This was the best of Mr. Galt's five books. I have read them all and have enjoyed each one. "The Trap" was hard to put down and get anything else done. An excellent spythriller and so in tune with our world today. I hope he is at work on another book right now! (Amazon.com reader review)


I just finished reading "The Trap" and I enjoyed it the most. George Ferrar and Bonnie Taylor are terrific, and the different parts of the world the story takes place in were super. Having lived in Montreal, the Montreal scenes really hit home. My knowledge of Maine made the Maine scenes also seem so real! Thanks for the entertaining read!! Please let me know when your next book comes out as 5 is not enough!! Bye for now. One of your fans.


Eeeeck...what a scary scenario. It has a great Ken Follet, Robert Ludlum feel to it and bizarrely enough, made me want to visit the markets in Pakistan.


This novel has a direct tie-in to our nation's war on terrorism. A fast-paced thriller that hops continents to America. (Great Wall Gazette)










Reader Reviews: Fatal Sting



In the midst of the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and Anthrax situation, your accuracy and details about all of this are really scary.


I received my copy of "Fatal Sting" on Thursday so I started reading on the flight to New York. It's fascinating. I can't believe how on target it is.


I just finished Fatal Sting. Wow. What a read! The comic scenes at CNN are classic. Camille is a perfect character, playing both sides at once.


My wife just can't put the book down...refuses to even go to work until she's read it all!


I just finished Fatal Sting yesterday. I took it on a business trip and I couldn't put it down. I really enjoyed it. By all means let me know when your other books become available.


I just got your new book from Barnes and Noble and find it quite interesting and a good read. Fatal Sting is an interesting concept of global bio terrorism.


Bioterrorism is to me one of the globe's most terrifying possibilities. You have done it up right.


Have just a minute to say I'm enjoying your book thoroughly.


Galt presents a compelling trio of protagonists...The plot is tight and well-crafted...What this reader enjoys most about Galt's books, however, is his detailed and knowledgeable portrayal of their settings, from the history and landscape to the local cultural and even culinary habits. Galt has lived in South Asia, and it shows. Highly recommended! (Tales from a Small Planet)


Five Stars!


Thrills around the globe


This biological thriller has everything: suspense, exotic settings, human interest and humor. The hilarious scene in CNN Atlanta alone is worth the book's price. Author Galt has lived in numerous foreign countries, and it shows. As the fast-paced action takes us around the world, from the Maldive Islands to India and more, the settings are depicted in an authentic and fascinating manner. Highly recommended! (Barnes & Noble reader review)


A spy thriller for the thinking man (or woman!)


I really enjoyed this book! The author has created a tightly plotted spy thriller against a very well researched background of exotic locations (India, the Maldives, etc.) The reader will learn a lot about the far corners of the world during the course of this novel.


The action is nonstop, and the characters are interesting, eccentric, and engaging. Mick Pierce is an unusual and very modern hero--an ex-CIA agent who has chosen to accompany his wife in her diplomatic career.... The dialogue is intelligent, and occasionally brilliant, with a dry wit that pops up to surprise you when you least expect it.


The plot revolves around a new, and deadly strain of malaria concocted by the leader of a terrorist organization. A very timely plot in an age when the tiniest weapons may be the most deadly. I'm not a biologist, but the subject seems to be extremely well researched. Hey I believed it could happen!


All in all a good read, especially for anyone interested in the world of diplomacy or international espionage. (Amazon.com reader review)


The writing is taut and masculine, the characters interesting, the descriptions of surroundings excellent. There's immediate suspense and the reader wants to know more.


Galt really knows his stuff. He obviously has a handle on the intricate politics of the Indian subcontinent. Almost without exception, the "background" information was compelling rather than the usual boring "filler."


Galt's characters are interesting and varied. Natalie is intriguing, Mick obviously quite deep, Alec really sexy, Abu a very well-fleshed out character, important for "the bad guy." The dialogue is right on target throughout the novel, with a lot of catchy lines. The author sets and ends scenes very well.


The plot unfolds carefully as the author reveals just enough to keep the narrative flowing. Slowly the reader catches on to the politics and dynamics of the Indian subcontinent, and begins to understand that every character has a mission and a purpose, which all come together at the end. This kind of first-rate writing has much to hold the reader's interest.


My perspective as a reader is that I like to be entertained. I don't really care about things being PC. When I read this genre I want something enormous to be at stake, I want logical consistency, some adrenaline highs, fast pacing, good writing, believable characters whose fates I can care about -- whose moral and ethical dilemmas resonate with me on some level. I also want an insider's perspective. I want you to take me into this closed secret world. I want to feel like you've lived it, and I want you to make me live it. I want it to be real down to the smallest detail.


So, congratulations, Mr. Galt. I'm impressed and awed. Writing a novel is really an enormous undertaking, and you've given us a lot. You offer some wonderful insights into the diplomat's life, it's very well plotted, the locales are exotic, it's timely and topical, I can't believe how much you know about politics, the scene between Natalie and her co-worker in the seafood restaurant was brilliant.










Reader Reviews: The Geneva Seduction



I enjoyed The Geneva Seduction a lot. It was hard to put down as something was always happening. It was very fast-paced and kept me wondering what was next. I particularly like the great descriptions of the various places that the characters find themselves. With the world situation these days, your plots are almost too close to the truth!


The dialogue is crisp and I as the reader want to know more. I thought this was very well written indeed. Intriguing characters, plot and setting. You are always strong with dialogue and setting.


I enjoyed this. You've really mastered the thriller pacing -- throwing short, rapid-fire sections at us that set up a series of mysteries. Your dialogue is also just right. As I've said before, you would write fantastic screenplays, and I hope you can get these books made into movies! I must congratulate you for making Natalie complex and human. I think you'll have a great thriller here.


This book makes me want to visit Morocco!


This really works! Good job!










Reader Reviews: Thunder in Formosa



Fritz Galt's third spy thriller "Thunder in Formosa" booms! (Westfield Leader)


Tensions over Taiwan! (Homewood-Flossmoor Star)


I just finished reading Thunder in Formosa and really enjoyed it --the best one yet. I have been very concerned about the proliferation of nuclear weapons ever since the breakup of the Soviet Union. Weapons are available and being sold to renegade leaders and terrorists, so your subject was chillingly realistic.


Mick and Natalie are delightful characters.


It's such a gorgeous day here that I wish I was home in my hammock finishing this really good book that I'm reading... it's called "Thunder in Formosa" and I don't like having to set it down!


Earthquakes, Government Overthrow, and a nice pair of... I purchased this book for a flight back from Taiwan to the US and found that it was perfectly suited to reading on an airplane-entertaining, and an easy read which did not challenge me in a jet lagged state. I enjoyed reading about the places I had just visited. The author made many mentions of how male characters managed to scope out breasts peeking from blouses, bras hanging on clotheslines and trapping men as they flee their pursuers, skimpy bathing suits, and well oiled but less well covered bodies. I enjoyed the book and think that for a light reading mystery fan, and for someone who enjoys thinking about Taiwan, it's a pretty good book. (Amazon.com reader review)


Moans, Groans, and Political Bones in Formosa. I bought this book for a trip to Taiwan, as I like to read fiction set in the place I am visiting when I travel. The book is great for the goal of killing time while traveling or having some light reading while settling down to sleep. This mystery is fun to read, and is certainly worth taking on a plane as it is totally readable, even with jet lag fatigue. I enjoyed the book, as it was fun to have a mystery set in a place I was visiting and becoming familiar with. (Amazon.com reader review)










Reader Reviews: Double Cross



What this reader enjoys most about Galt's books is his detailed and knowledgeable portrayal of their settings, from the history and landscape to the local cultural and even culinary habits. Galt has lived in the Balkans, and it shows. Highly recommended! (Tales from a Small Planet)


An entertaining read that also provides insight into the convoluted cultural and historical struggles of the Balkan region.


I just finished reading Double Cross last night and really enjoyed it. I learned a lot about Yugoslavia in the process of following your story line. What a sad country it was and now all broken up into factions that hate each other. I am sure we have not heard the end of the troubles there. I am looking forward to the next book now.


I enjoyed your easy-to-picture scenes.


I just finished reading Fritz's second book Double Cross and liked it even more than Fatal Sting!! I ordered Thunder in Formosa from Barnes&Noble yesterday and can't wait until The Geneva Seduction is available. I have become a big fan of Mick Pierce and enjoy his wife Natalie and his brother Alec who is a little more out of control! Be sure to let Fritz know I am one of his fans!


The story zips by. I nearly missed my bus stop once.


A remarkable achievement. Great control over the language, a clear story, and fully dimensional characters.