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This story says itŐs about Errol Sweeney, but thereŐs no such person as Errol Sweeney.

You might have heard him mentioned in sensational and disturbing news stories from Europe and Asia. And people are still talking about him on CNN as well as the beaches of the Mediterranean, villas in Italy, markets in Bangkok and street corners in the seedier parts of town. But if you go looking for him, you wonŐt find him.

You see, Errol is a thing of the past. He was a small-town private eye on the East Coast. He was an avid sailor, a quiet neighbor and so eligible, it made women hurt.

But then it all went down.

It only took a couple of weeks for Errol Sweeney to burst onto the world stage then fall off the face of the earth, only to become an instant legend. Now heŐs right up there with Bernie Goetz and Carlos the Jackal.

It was a frightening and exhilarating ride that he didnŐt ask for. But in the end, he accepted his fate. He had to go.

At least, thatŐs what this journal says, the only account he left behind.

Strange how it all began as a simple act of generosityÉ






ItŐs a slow year for New Jersey private eye Errol Sweeney, and heŐll take just about any case.

So he agrees to help find his neighborŐs missing wife, only to learn that the couple is tied to the drug underworld.

His probe is quickly derailed when his neighbor dies in his hands, and Errol finds himself on the other side of the law with the mob closing in.

Can he stay one step ahead of a worldwide manhunt long enough to prove his innocence and turn the tables on those who have set him up?

Hold on tight in this gripping mystery from Barcelona to Bangkok in which Errol must keep his cool and summon all his professional skills to solve a case that could take down the drug world, and save his life.




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