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Welcome from Bluefield, West Virginia!


I am excited to announce a new addition to my growing list of Josh Draper mysteries.



Treasure at Tanat Mansion.


Let me tell you a story...


In 1912, a wealthy coal magnate faces death on the wintry North Atlantic.


More than a century later, in the mountain country of West Virginia, a cabal of international diplomats is fighting over his legacy, producing a ghastly murder in its wake.


Enter Sergeant Josh Draper of the West Virginia State Police, along with his seductively beautiful sidekick Annie McBride, to investigate the murder without leaking word to the press.


Locked in the mansion where the murder took place with the gregarious group of European envoys discussing the wine industry, they must drink, and think, their way to the solution...knowing full well that the culprit is in their midst.


You wonÕt rest a moment until this sensitive and deadly Josh Draper mystery is finally put to bed.





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