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Welcome from Taos, New Mexico!


Here's a new face for all of you Sigma Books lovers.


It's me, Steve Donaldson, and have I got a story for you! Now you can thrill to the exciting pace and hilarious mishaps of a pair of star-crossed lovers in my latest novel, Destiny of the Dragon (formerly Water Torture).

Here's the short and the sweet of Destiny of the Dragon


It's your basic 'Boy meets Girl' story, set against a backdrop of political coups, ancient archeological digs, celebrity scientists, and the largest dam project in the history of civil engineering: the Three Gorges Dam on the mighty Yangtze.


It is Brad, our hero, a disenfranchised grad student in anthropology, who crosses paths with May, a hot young pilot and would-be astronaut for the People's Liberation Army.  Even though differences in culture and politics and six thousand miles stand in the way of their romance, Brad must rescue the girl and save the day.


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